Top Priorities

We need to strengthen our Economy by greatly increasing freedom, by reducing taxes, government spending, red tape, and addressing and reducing student debt. We need to reform Oamacare to create free-choice and reduced costs in American Healthcare through free-market solutions. Our foreign policy is dragging us toward a worldwide conflict. We need to bring an end to a failed foreign policy of regime change, and endless wars. We should end all weapon sales to the Middle East. We should end the war on drugs.

The Issues


Our economy is being strangled by private and government debt, uncertainty in the marketplace and government over-regulation and bureaucratic red tape. The Democrats and Republicans are not willing to do anything to change course, but instead they defend the status quo.

Libertarians like me want to strengthen our economy with common sense solutions. Let’s start by auditing the IRS, and the Federal Reserve. Two of the main organizations that greatly affect our economy are the IRS, and the Federal Reserve which is the privately run central bank that controls our currency.

The U.S. is close to $20 Trillion dollars in debt, yet even though our government borrows Trillions, they give $Billions of Foreign Aid to wealthy nations like Israel and Saudi Arabia. This is just an example of how corrupt and powerful the military-industrial-complex has become.

What is best for our economy and the average American takes a back seat to powerful and wealthy Special Interests that wield political influence.

Climate change verses World War III

I’m often asked as a political candidate what my views are on climate change and if I believe that it is caused by people. Well, yes I do believe people contribute to global warming, but what the exact extent might be is debatable. Every breathe humans and animals exhale generates CO2, carbon dioxide one of the “green house” gasses. Trees and plants absorb CO2 which they need and release oxygen that we need.

Now there are things we could be doing to lower CO2 levels, but neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are willing to do them. One simple solution would be to legalize agricultural hemp and promote its use for not only rope making, but textiles and paper manufacture among others. One hundred acres of agricultural hemp will absorb twice as much CO2 than one hundred acres of corn, and it doesn’t need the poisonous insecticides and fertilizers.

While climate change may be a worthy concern, I am far more concerned that our reckless foreign policy of regime change and endless war is dragging America toward a worldwide conflict. In 2003 the U.S. government took us into a war with Iraq based on lies. In the process it wiped out Iraq’s small Christian population that had lived in that geographical location for over 2000 years. After thirteen years of American blood and money, Iraq is still unstable.

Our government foreign policy took us into Afghanistan and the status quo in Washington will keep us there indefinitely. Under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the U.S. destabilized Libya, adding to the refugee crisis. The U.S. has tried to destroy Russia’s trading partner Iran, but so far has failed. Now the U.S. and western powers including Britain wish to take down Syria, whom Russia is defending. Before the our involvement in Syria, President al-Assad managed to maintain stability in a country made up of Sunnis, Alawites, Druze, Mandeans, Christians, Shiites and Yazidis.

The U.S. and Russia are in a proxy war in Syria and in the Ukraine and to some extent, conflict over Iran is still in play. China is aligning more militarily with Russia and becoming a problem in the South China Sea for U.S. interests of Japan and Viet Nam. Then we have the Korean peninsula with Kim Jong-un and his Nukes. China has put up with U.S. troops in South Korea, but they will not allow them on China’s border in North Korea. There is also Pakistan and its neighbor India, both of whom are ramping up hostilities toward each other and both of whom are nuclear armed.

All things considered, when asked about climate change, I believe we have bigger issues and those issues are unknown by the average American.

Student Debt

Presently, student debt in America is about $1.7 Trillion dollars. This debt is strangling family budgets and our nation’s economy. At this time, people can finance a car or a home for less than 5 percent interest and for the government to continue to charge 10 percent interest for student loans is not just immoral, it is criminal. I promote three things that would bring fairness back to people struggling with student debt.

1. People should be allowed to reorganize their student debt under bankruptcy protection.
2. The Interest rate on student debt should never exceed 5 percent.
3. A student’s loan debt repayment, including all penalties and interest, should never exceed 200 percent of the original loan.